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Diane on the mountain104 viewsDiane sitting down strapping on her bindings before heading down the mountain.Apr 27, 2006
Adrianna on her Board103 viewsAdrianna posing for a picture on her snowboard.Apr 27, 2006
Chris on his board105 viewsChris posing for a picture (taken by Adrianna) on his snowboard.Apr 27, 2006
A trail at Bolton.85 viewsThe bottom of one of the trails at Bolton Valley.Apr 27, 2006
A view of one of the trails at Bolton Valley.94 viewsOne of the trails we snowboarded down at Bolton Valley, this is the vey bottom of the trail.Apr 27, 2006
Adrianna heading down the hill193 viewsAdrianna a bit further down the hill.Nov 26, 2005
The car159 viewsThis is what my car looked like when we were finished. It snowed most of the time we were there. Nov 26, 2005
Adrianna154 viewsAdrianna holding her board at the rental area before we headed to class.Nov 26, 2005
Adrianna134 viewsAdrianna on her snowboard after coming down the hillNov 26, 2005
Diane and Adrianna127 viewsDiane helping Adrianna get unstrapped from her snow board.Nov 26, 2005
Diane and Adrianna148 viewsDiane "towing" Adrianna across the bottom of the hill.Nov 26, 2005
Adrianna heading down the hill190 viewsAdrianna headed down the small learning hill at Bolton Valley, VT. Nov 26, 2005
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